Prototyping Netherlands

Plastic prototyping in Nederland

Did you know the Netherlands harbours one of the top prototyping companies in Europe? Kenrick Thermoforming, the company behind, is one of the top nudge plastic part manufacturers in Europe.

Using  different prototyping methods such as thermoforming, 3D printing and 5 axis milling we manufacture custom made plastic parts for multinationals, universities, government institutions and SME’s all over Europe. Whether you are working with Solidworks, Revit, AutoCAD or Rhino; we can help you create a perfect prototype.

We use materials such as ABS, PS, PVC, PE, PMMA, Polycarbonat and PETG.

Advantages of rapid prototyping

  • Short lead times
  • Design errors are quickly detected and fixed
  • Low or no tooling cost 
  • Experienced designers available under speed dial
  • Scaling up manufacturing process is easy, as we also have our own mass production facility
'A great company to work with, they know the business'
Esther Jongma
Founder - Vantot